Farm Share CSA

Summer - Early Fall Share, 20 weeks from 6/6- 10/16 - REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Late Fall - Winter Share, 20 weeks10/23 - 3/7 - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN



Why a Farm Share?   

Participating in our farm share creates a direct relationship between you, your farmers and your food. Your commitment to our farm allows us to focus on our animals and the farm during the growing season. For this commitment we offer you our wholesale pricing on all of our farm share offerings, convenient delivery & pick up options and the opportunity to be involved with our farm.

As a farm share member we hope that you will think of yourself as a part of the farm. You are welcome to visit the farm; come see the cows and sheep, bring treats for the pigs, stroll the gardens, listen to the hum of the bees in the apiary and walk the farm trails.  Join us for chores!

How it works: 

Sign up using the online form below for the farm goods you would like included in your share. A share eligible for weekly delivery or pick up at the Belfast Farmers' Market must contain at least 3 items, 2 of which are from our dairy offerings.

Example Share:  One 1/2 gallon of raw milk, one vanilla yogurt, and one pound of ground beef.

Then each Tuesday afternoon a bag will be packed with your pre-selected farm share and will be available for on farm pick up or for delivery in the Belfast area.

You may also elect to pick up your share each week at the Friday Belfast Farmers’ Market from 9 am to 1 pm.

You may pay for your share all at once at sign up (5% discount), or we offer monthly and weekly payment options as well.



Raw Milk - from our 100% grass fed Jersey & Guernsey cows.  

Whole Milk Yogurt - Our artisan small batch yogurt is made with our 100% grass fed Jersey & Guernsey milk.  The vanilla flavor is sweetened with Organic sugar and flavored with real Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.  Our yogurt is rich, thick, and delicious.   

Artisan Kefir - Our kefir is made with our 100% grass fed whole milk.  It's slightly bubbly, mild but a bit tangy as well.  We culture our kefir with live kefir grains resulting in 40-60 live active probiotics in each serving. 

Soy Free Organic Eggs - Fresh eggs from our free running Organically fed hens.  Our chickens roam the entire farm following our pastured sheep and cows.  

Pasture Raised Meats - 100% grass fed beef and lamb, woodland raised heritage breed pork, as well as our pasture raised Organically fed chicken.


FARM SHare CSA sign up:

Name *
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
Please provide us with a phone number we can reach you at with any questions
Share Definitions
Summer Share = 20 weeks / 5 months. Prices are broken out by full share price ( summer share ) then the monthly cost, then weekly if applicable.
Build Your Farm Share
Please Select the items you would like to receive each week for your farm share. Under each item select one quantity option.
Raw Milk - $5
Limit two 1/2 gallons per week per share - please return clean jar(s) each week. 1 Liter milk in Weck bottles.
Plain Yogurt - $5
1 Liter Weck Jar - 100% grass fed whole milk yogurt - please return clean jar(s) each week
Vanilla Yogurt - $6
1 Liter Weck Jar - 100% grass fed whole milk vanilla bean yogurt - please return clean jar(s) each week
Kefir - $5
1 Liter Weck Jar - 100% grass fed whole milk kefir - please return clean jar(s) each week
Soy Free Organic Eggs - $5
Fresh eggs from our free running Organically fed hens. Sold per the dozen
100% Grass Fed Beef
100% grass fed Jersey beef - 1 lb frozen package
Heritage Breed Pork
American Guinea Hog - 1 lb frozen package
100% Grass Fed Lamb
Pasture Raised 100% grass fed lamb - 1 lb frozen package
Pasture Raised Chicken
Pasture raised / Organically Fed Broilers - Shares are based on average Whole Bird weights - 5 monthly deliveries
Ground Meat Trio
1 package each of our ground Beef, ground Pork and ground Lamb per month - 5 monthly deliveries
Share Delivery Options *
How would you like to receive your weekly farm share?
Payment Options *
How would you like to pay for your 20 week CSA share?
Please use this section to provide any additional information or comments regarding your weekly share order.