our artisAnal Yogurts AND kefir are made in our solar powered dairy and packaged in reusable glass jars.

We deliberated for a very long time about what type of containers to use for our dairy products. We knew that we wanted to use glass containers and that we wanted them to be reusable. We decided on the Weck jars because they are both functional and beautiful. We wanted to be sure that our customers would never consider simply recycling the jar, but instead would either choose to return them to us for their deposit or exchange, or keep and use them everyday. Even our labels are reusable. Made from a high quality vinyl and printed by a Belfast, Maine company, our labels are durable enough to withstand several washings and sanitization cycles, thus further reducing waste.

By early 2016 the energy usage of our dairy will be covered by a rooftop solar array. Tied into the grid as well as to a battery backup, this system will provide energy credits to offset our usage and provide much needed backup power in the event of a power outage. Lessening our reliance on outside inputs, be it fossil fuels, processed grains for livestock feed, or fertilizers for our pastures, is a major focus of our goal for sustainable farming.