By now everyone has heard of the challenges facing honey bees and other natural pollinators.  Colonies of bees are dying off or disappearing at alarming rates.  The impacts of this phenomenon are widespread.  Despite a lifelong fear of stinging insects, Greg decided to keep bees in order to help increase the honey bee population, assist with pollination on the farm and to harvest honey.  

What started as another farm venture quickly became an obsession as many a beekeeper can attest to.  Simply put, bees are fascinating creatures from whom we can learn a wealth of knowledge and perhaps even gain some guidance for our own place on the Earth.  If you visit the farm in the summer months there is a good chance you will find us out in the apiary enjoying the busy yet calming hum of the bees going about their lives.

We keep Carniolan and Buckfast bees due to their docile nature, good overwintering (it gets pretty cold here in the winter) and above average honey production.

Learn more about the challenges honey bees face and how you can help HERE

We sell raw honey from our bees in the Toddy Pond Farm store in 12oz, 25oz and 48oz Weck Tulip jars. We also can ship honey - see our Shop page for details.

Honey Bee Swarm - August 2014.  

Despite the incredibly large number of bees and increased activity associated with a swarm, it is important to realize that the bees are very docile at this time.  The primary goals are to protect the queen and find a new home.